Thought Leaders Research

Compass Intelligence's Thought Leaders Research (TLR) is our turn-key survey services, which include survey development, programming, testing, fielding, analysis, charting, and presentation of results.  Whether your interests lie with end-users or decision-makers, our TLR will provide you with fast-paced feedback on the changing dynamics of the marketplace.

Getting direct feedback from both consumers and business decision-makers is an integral part of Compass Intelligence’s business.  And, as such, we’ve built a proprietary market research panel in the US, Asia and Europe over the years for use in our consulting and market intelligence projects.  This small but elite group of “Thought Leaders” provide input on a variety of topics, see the list below.

Compass Intelligence’s Thought Leaders panel is also available for custom and multi-client market studies – simply contact us via email. To join our panel, please click here.

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THOUGHT LEADERS PANEL PROFILE - For detailed information about our panel and any custom survey needs, contact us via email.

Some of the key ways our clients use our TLR include:

  • Understand Buying Behaviors
  • Learn Buying Preferences
  • Discover Key Channels to Market
  • Explore Branding Resonance and Preferences
  • Test New Products or Services
  • Assess Pricing, Feature, and Product Preferences
  • Uncover Budget Plans & Priorities
  • Understand Customer Experiences (Online, In-store, By Phone, etc.)
  • Survey options include:
    • ​18+ Consumer and end-user surveys
    • Business end-user surveys
    • Business decision-maker surveys (IT, Telecom, Mobility)