Customer & Digital Experience

The Customer & Digital Experience research team examines both direct and in-direct factors that have an impact on customer perception of satisfaction, including touch-points, best/worst practices, influencers and perceptions, “perception altering” events, service quality, and customer service. This subscription is based on ongoing primary research and market surveys conducted with 1000+ business and consumer decision-makers across various size of business, demographics, and industry. Unique analysis and commentary on the latest customer services including installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, escalation procedures, web interface, web-based services, and more are explored by this team.

Customer & Digital Experience Research Track Brochure

Includes the following:

  • Client Portal Analysis
  • Transaction Experience
  • Knowledge and Support Analysis
  • Online Marketing Strategies
  • Customer Influencers & Preferences
  • Online Engagement Process
  • Online Communities
  • Website Operations and Optimization
  • Optimal Touch-Points
  • Social Computing
  • Web-based Trends & Experience Analysis


Recent Reports:

Price: $2,500
July 2014
Price: $2,500
July 2014
Price: $2,500
April 2014
​​​Price: $2,500​
April 2014
Price: $5,000
March 2014