2014 Connected Car Study: A Survey of User’s Wants and Needs

For more information and participation details, please contact Mike Gee (mike.gee@compassintelligence.com or (925) 299-1231).


Compass Intelligence believes there are vast opportunities for companies across the entertainment, media, retail, electronics, telematics, service, and vehicle ecosystem marketplace that are yet to be understood, monetized, developed, and captured. Today’s connected car technologies have been strongly focused around the automotive manufacturer, vehicle aftermarket, and insurance industry specifically gathered from the vehicle’s standard connector (OBD II, in-dash, telematics), yet there is untapped potential in a range of additional services for the consumer including drivers and passengers.


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Compass Intelligence Thought Leaders Panel

Compass Intelligence’s Thought Leaders Panel and Survey platform, a proprietary survey platform and panel, will be leveraged as part of this multi-client. Compass Intelligence will be responsible for designing the survey (with input from participants), testing, soft-launch, fielding, analytics, data compilation, charting/graphing and survey incentive management.


Topics Covered

The topics covered include (but not limited to):
  • Streaming or Music/TV Content
    • Playing the user’s play list through the car’s AV system
    • Streaming music using the car’s LTE modem through the car’s AV system (e.g. SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music, Apple iTunes, etc.)
    • Access to Dish, DirecTV, TWC, and Cox mobile streaming applications, feed into AV system or TV systems to back of car or back and front dash when in park
  • Navigation
    • Use of an in-dash navigation vs. the user’s cell phone navigation
    • Testing the importance of Cloud-based maps vs. local maps (particularly in rural areas where Cloud-based maps don’t work)
    • Traffic and adjustments to routing (real time traffic monitoring and routing)
  • Travel services & Local Search
    • Finding restaurants, hotels, gas stations, checking on flights
    • Weather: status, maps, radar (in-dash) and forecast
    • Searching for sites nearby
  • Leveraging the user’s smartphone/tablet
    • Playing rich media stored in the mobile device
    • Facebook postings and Twitter feeds displayed on the vehicle’s dash
    • Enabling a Wi-Fi hotspot in the car (perhaps sponsored)
    • Texts and messages played back through the speakers of the car
  • Safety
    • Warning when things being done are too distracting
    • Warning of system malfunctions
  • Cost
    • Sponsor opportunities to pay for LTE use in the car
    • Tradeoff of advertising vs. vehicle owner pay (payment preferences, and branding resonance)
    • How much does the vehicle manufacturer provide and for how long? (i.e. Sirius XM model)
  • Integration of repair/maintenance information from the car to the consumer phone
    • Real-time alerting of vehicle repair, maintenance information across device
    • Relay information of vehicle maintenance back to dealer or other vendors
    • Audio alerts of vehicle information to the driver (safety first)